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What To Expect – Beating High Blood Pressure

My 12-month coaching and course mentorship curated to empower people with high blood pressure to improve their health through nutrition, fitness, and other lifestyle habits with a step-by-step system, daily support, and practical structure to help build healthy habits, reach your ideal body weight, improve your health and with the support from your doctor, reduce or remove the need for high blood pressure medication.

Join us inside Beating High Blood Pressure

A high-touch, high-support mentorship to help you optimize your health and lower your blood pressure (without stressing constantly).

The truth is…

As a traditional pharmacist and now as a functional medicine pharmacist, I deal a lot of patients unsatisfied with their healthcare. Feeling like they were dismissed or unheard by their providers. Just wanting someone to listen to you and provide you with personalized direction instead of the generic advice of eat better, avoid sodium, and exercise more. But if you don’t understand how to nourish and move your body properly in the right way, none of those things will lower your blood pressure or improve your health.

During my time as a community pharmacist, I started working with individuals who had high blood pressure and I noticed most of them didn’t have an actionable system in place. Most people were following generic advice they found on the internet or through social media.

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to being in that situation. The reason this advice from google doesn’t work is because it’s not personalized to your specific situation, your schedule, your lifestyle, your body’s needs.

And what I found to be the most successful strategy to lower blood pressure and losing weight was having a step-by-step personalized system. A system to lower blood pressure that was designed for a busy schedule, small budget, and allowed these people to enjoy food, exercise, & their lives again. Instead of letting their high blood pressure control their lives.

Because most of the individuals I was working with had busy work, family, and social lives, they wanted to make their health a priority, but didn’t feel like they had the time or didn’t feel like they knew enough about nutrition, exercise, or stress management

I needed a system that was built to work for someone who either just was diagnosed with high blood pressure or has had high blood pressure for years. A system that could not only work in the current life stage they were in, but also could be adapted and work well in whatever life stage they were in because life is constantly changing and so are we.

The Honing Healthy Method was born out of my own want to help patients lower their blood pressure efficiently and effectively.

The Honing healthy habits method? It’s the solution I created to help individuals with high blood pressure prioritize and improve their health, reach their desired blood pressure, and body weight, all by helping that individual develop lifelong healthy habits around nutrition & fitness so they could take back their life and lower their blood pressure for good.

When you join Beating High Blood Pressure, consistent and sustainable progress is within your reach.

  • Even if you feel like you’ve tried “everything” but haven’t found anything that works.

  • Even if you have no idea where or how to start improving your health or your relationship with food & fitness.

  • Even if you’ve had some progress but hit a plateau or feel stuck and have no idea how to boost your progress.

Right now, you’re spinning your wheels trying to do all the things you’re “supposed to do” to improve your health. Wasting all your time and energy away while getting little to no results.

We’re all swayed by the “You’ve got the same hours in your day as everyone else”.

Well, most people have a team of professionals to help them. Improving your health can be so hard. Especially if your try to go at it alone.

In Beating High Blood Pressure, you’ll learn how to implement a simple system to build a healthy lifestyle by creating habits that improve your wellness on autopilot. It’s packed with no-fluff strategies designed for individuals like you so you can lower your blood pressure and optimize your health without ever stressing about giving up your time for things that you love. Or ignoring your family and friends because you’re too tired to be present at events or hang out at home.

Or letting your negative thoughts about food or fitness run your life and forgetting who you were before you started this whole mess.

Your Annual Beating High Blood Pressure Membership Includes:

  • Instant access to step-by-step lessons to implement the Honing Healthy Habits Method Trainings (Assess - Outline - Achieve)

  • Foundations Framework (Lessons on: 5 Nutritional Strategies to Lower BP, 5 Lifestyle Strategies to Lower BO, How to Create Sustainable & Healthy Eating Habits, How to Monitor Your Blood Pressure for Success, and MORE!)

  • Trainings on how to create a personalize nutrition and fitness plan that aligns with your goals and needs

  • BI-WEEKLY LIVE group coaching calls directly with me (Dr. Tessa Spencer, PharmD)

  • Private, members' only community for ongoing support and personalized feedback from Tessa whenever you have questions

  • Honing Healthy Habits Worksheets to guide you through how to properly set long-term and weekly habits to reach your wellness goals.

  • Exclusive access to our Wellness Network of trusted personal trainers, nutrition coaches, health products and more!

  • Access to discounted 1:1 coaching calls and supplement consultations with Tessa

  • And MORE!

You’ve been struggling for long enough. Improving your blood pressure may not be easy, but let’s make it SIMPLE.

The Beating High Blood Pressure Process:

Foundation Trainings

There is so much misinformation, conflicting opinions, and straight nonsense out there on the internet when it comes to diet and exercise in high blood pressure. In the foundational trainings you will build a solid nutrition and fitness foundational knowledge on fact vs fiction when it comes to nutrition and fitness, so you never fall into the pit of buying products and programs full of empty promises.

Phase 1: Assess

The first thing we are going to do is assess your current heart health, nutrition intake and physical fitness. There’s a series of lessons that take you step by step through exactly how to do this and how to identify current, unhelpful eating and exercise patterns and turn them into habits that are magnetic to your personalized health and wellness goals.

Phase 2: Outline

I’m going to walk you through exactly how to build successful healthful habits and use them as steppingstones to achieve lower blood pressure. We use these goals to create small, consistent changes that eventually lead you to achieving your wellness goals, even if you feel like you have no extra time in your day or think you are starting from scratch.

I teach you how to stay motivated, consistent, and energetic and go from constantly stressing about food, fitness and falling off the bandwagon to feeling free, in control and guilt free when it comes to enjoying your life and the things you love.

Phase 3: Achieve

This is where implementation becomes streamlined success. In phase 3 I’ll walk you through my exact outline on how to analyze your goals for achievement and leverage your personal strengths and core values to stay motivated, consistently, and constantly succeeding in achieving your goals including what exact questions to ask yourself to find the answer on how to change challenges, setbacks, and shortcomings into a step-by-step plan to get the results you want and improve your physical and mental health.

Bonus Trainings:

I love to offer additional content on how to use different nutrition strategies, superfoods, athletic supplements, etc to improve your overall health and achieve your wellness goals faster. Some of the bonus trainings include:

  • Nutrition Basics

  • How Your Metabolism Works To Lose Weight

  • Nutrition Crash Courses in Protein, Carbohydrates, Dietary Fats and Micronutrients.

  • Nutrition Strategies for High Blood Pressure

  • Creating a Nutrition Plan to Optimize Body Composition

  • Mindful Snacking

  • Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

  • Finding Nutritional Meals When Dining Out


Trusted Brands:

I’ve curated a list of supplement, superfood and other health products and brands I trust to provide high quality, safe, and pure products to help you lower your blood pressure. These include vitamins, superfoods, and athletic supplements

Join Us Inside Beating High Blood Pressure

I want to really reiterate this program is not a DIY course this is truly a supported 12 month mentorship where you have an entire team in your corner rooting for your success and helping you implement because we all know learning is easy it's the implementation that's the hardest piece and I want to help make sure that you are set up for success and that you get help when you need help. So I'm super excited to welcome those of you who are coming inside our membership.

You’ll get:

  • Confidence to make the right decisions concerning your health and start making steps to prioritize your health (because you’re worth it!!)

  • A simplified healthy habits system that helps you feel more energized and lower your risk for heart disease

  • Permission to worry and stress less (like, WAYYY less) about every little detail concerning your nutrition and fitness and instead become more intentional and mindful about your health

  • Understand and implement the strategy behind becoming reliant on lifestyle choices instead of medications to help address the root causes of high blood pressure

  • So much clarity and focus on how to properly improve your health that not even a Target sale, “health” podcast or click-bait blog post could distract you (because you’ve got a new target you’ve set your eyes on: improving your health from the inside out!)

Join Us Inside Beating High Blood Pressure

The Pricing: For More Info Click HERE

• One Time Annual Payment: 1 payment of $400 - Savings of $194

• Payment Plan: 6 Payments of $99/Mo ($594) - Most Accessible

To Learn More: Watch My FREE Masterclass

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure & Lose Weight WITHOUT Medication

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