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What To Expect - 12 Week Wellness Coaching Program

Updated: May 10, 2022


Functional medicine consultants, like Dr. Tessa Spencer, PharmD, evaluate a person from a foundational level how are your sleep habits; exercise; nutrition - vitamins, minerals, sensitivities; stress levels; relationships; and genetics.

Alongside with your healthcare provider, I look for the root of the problem and keep looking if we need to until we get you on the path to better health. I use scientific and objective blood tests, hair analysis, stool, and urinalysis (if needed) to thoroughly evaluate your health status. I couple this with my 12-week Nutrition Coaching Program to improve your health and overall wellness.

No fads or pseudo-science here. Just a comprehensive online coaching & course that teaches you the facts and tactics you need to make a habitual, consistent, long-lasting impact on your life.

The program provides all the information and personal coaching you need to help maximize your success and put yourself on a path to better health. We work together to integrate nutrition, exercise, stress management and lifestyle habits that are manageable, flexible and don't take extra time out of your busy schedule. I'll help you keep yourself accountable, answer the questions you might have and help troubleshoot real-world nutritional problems & challenges you face. All while helping you reach your health & wellness goals faster naturally!

My goal with this program is that you feel confident, motivated, and balanced when it comes to your health choices. I want to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and empowerment to be successful long after you finish your 12 weeks. This program helps you take a proactive stance on your current and future health.

- No more feeling frustrated and confused by the overwhelming noise of social media and podcast host "advice" and conflicting information on the internet.

- No more feeling ashamed or beating yourself up for "bad" lifestyle & nutritional choices

- No more letting challenges and set-backs demotivate and prevent you from reaching your health and wellness goals.

I've helped individuals lower blood pressure & high cholesterol, reduce insulin resistance, lower the risk of getting heart disease, as well as helped people increase energy, improve their moods, decrease brain fog, lose fat, gain muscle, and decrease the use of certain medications with my personalized 12-week Wellness Coaching Program.

If you are ready to start your journey back to health, please call (720) 593-9793 to schedule your initial consultation assessment appointment with me or fill out a client application form by clicking <HERE>

Service Description

My Wellness Coaching Program starts off with the scheduling of an initial consultation. Once your initial consultation visit is scheduled, I will email you a comprehensive personal health and wellness assessment. This needs to be completed at least 48 hours before your first initial consultation so I have time to review it and prepare.

Your initial comprehensive assessment appointment will be an online ZOOM meeting last ~30 minutes. We will review your comprehensive personal health and wellness assessment and determine if there is any need for you to complete any additional lab testing to thoroughly evaluate your health status. You will also receive via email a Square Invoice for service payment, which must be paid by the end of the meeting. We will then schedule your first official coaching session and send you the materials you will need to review and complete for your first week.

Program Overview

After your initial comprehensive assessment, I will send you all the information needed to get started with my 12-week Wellness Coaching program. Each week you will be sent an small informational packet on that week’s topic via email. You will be responsible for reviewing the information before each weekly or bi-weekly coaching session.

Each coaching session I will start with a brief overview of that week(s) information and answer any questions you have. Then we will spend the second half of our sessions reviewing your past goals and creating new goals for the following week(s).

The sole purpose of this Wellness Coaching program is to use nutrition, exercise, stress management, superfoods, supplements, and self-compassion to help you become your best and healthiest version of yourself.

This program is a structured 12-week program. It isn’t a challenge, a fad, a program you stick with for only 12-weeks and then forget about after its conclusion. This is a lifestyle revamp experience to help train you to think about nutrition, health, and wellness in a different way. How to achieve your wellness goals and live a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

· Week 0: Personalized Nutrition Programing, Personal Wellness Assessment + Food Journal

· Week 1: Wellness Vision & Goals Setting

· Week 2: Evidence Based Nutrition Part 1 (Fundamentals of Nutrition)

· Week 3: Evidence Based Nutrition Part 2 (How to Personalize Your Nutrition to Your Goals)

· Week 4: Evidence Based Nutrition Part 3 (Nutrition Controversies: Myth vs Fact)

· Week 5: Evidence Based Exercise (Personalize Your Exercise to Your Time & Goals)

· Week 6: Evidence Based Exercise (How to Create an Effective Workout Plan for Your Goals)

· Week 7: Superfoods & Supplements

· Week 8: Stress Management

· Week 9: Overcoming Health Plateaus and Challenges

· Week 10: The Importance of Self Care

· Week 11: The Importance of Challenging Your Comfort Zones

· Week 12: Maintaining Progress Outside This Program

· Week 13+: Maintenance Coaching & Education As Needed

Program Pricing

· 12 Week Wellness Coaching Program + Bi-weekly Coaching Sessions:

$985 if paid in full ($200 in savings) – OR – 3 installments of $395

· 12 Week Wellness Coaching Program + Weekly Coaching Sessions:

$1,185 if paid in full ($200 in savings) – OR – 3 installments of $462

If you are ready to start your journey back to health, please call (720) 593-9793 to schedule your initial consultation assessment appointment with me or fill out a client application form by clicking <HERE>

*If you require additional testing, this will be done through your primary care provider, an Ulta Lab Testing Center near you at an additional cost based on the tests needed. Depending on the tests we run, your results will all be back from a few days to a few weeks' time.*

After your results are all in, I will contact you to schedule your follow-up This is when we will go over your results and our next steps/recommendations. Once you get started with our recommendations, we want to be sure it's working for you. We don't want you to spend your time, energy, and money on things that aren't doing their job. The products or tactics we recommend are ones that we know do the job, but we often will order a follow-up run of labs after 8-10 weeks on the program to be sure you're getting the results you are ​seeking.

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