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5 Tips to Integrate Fitness into Your Everyday Routine

At times exercise can seem like a chore and other times we feel as though we don’t have time to go to the gym. Integrate fitness into your everyday routine can improve your mood, memory, ability to handle stress and provide you with better sleep and more energy. Now I could talk about the same old tips such as, always take the stairs, walk during lunch break, do squats during commercials, or carve out non-negotiable time for exercise, but what’s the fun in that? Time for some updated and more creative ways on how to integrate fitness into your everyday routine.

1. Find Active Activities You Love

When you were little, you moved your body by playing, jumping around outside, and making a mess indoors. You didn’t think about exercising, you were just having fun. It’s time to revert to old ways and find fun ways to break a sweat. Could be going to a family bike ride, walking your dog, gardening, playing catch outside, taking a dance class or deep cleaning your living area. Try an activity that will get your heart pumping while adding a bit of fun back into your life.

2. Learn A New Skill

When it comes to fitness, our initial thoughts on how to improve it focus on exercising and getting the body moving. But learning a new skill or sport can be an active way to meet exercise goals and increase self-efficacy. Try a new sport you always wanted to play as a kid, go slacklining or in/outdoor rock climbing.

3. Use a Small Water Bottle at Work

Instead of carrying a large water bottle, try keeping your drink in a smaller mug or glass. This will make you have to get up from your desk to refill your drink, allowing for that much-needed leg stretch and small break from slouching at your desk.

4. Center Hangouts Around Activates Instead of Food

If you and your friends and family are use to going to pubs, eateries or dinner parties as a way of hanging out, shake it up a little! Have a picnic, go to a concert, volunteer, join a sports league, start a book club, go to a fun workout class. You don’t need to be eating or consuming alcohol to have fun with your friends. Find a few enjoyable, preferably outdoor, activates and start a new tradition!

5. Plan Weekend Adventures

Instead of always opting for sedentary plans, like going to the movies, a football game or eating out, schedule a more adventurous weekend. Play tourist in your own city, visit a local museum, plan a camping trip or easy day-hike. You can also use your weekends to trying something new or do workouts that take more time.

Overall, don’t turn exercise into a chore. Find things you truly enjoy or that challenge you in new ways. You’ll get the most out of activities you enjoy and keep coming back for more. It’s recommended that adults do 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week. Starting with just 30 minutes a day will put you in the middle of that range. Whether it’s going to a walk or a quick pick-up game of kickball, at the end of the day, simply get your body moving and enjoy living an active lifestyle!

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